Sunday, February 14, 2010

stand up!

Proximity to all that could go wrong… mindless violence!
Are we too presumptuous when we blindly assume that we are not a part of that volatile world? And are we too lackadaisical to think we aren’t responsible and answerable!
the recurring terror attacks! death in numbers! and the complete failure of the world to make us feel secure and safe!

We are all owners of this world and hence vicariously liable for all that has gone wrong! lets stand up and take our share of blame!

vigilance! Did you check under the seat of rickshaw u took?? Did u check under your seat in movie hall??? Did you cooperate with the security guard frisking you???

To be tolerant of each other.. Of the views that we don’t adhere to.. to ideas that aren’t in synchrony to ours… to religion that we don’t call ours…

To not get accustomed to violence.. To all that is wrong… to all that’s not fair..

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