Monday, September 20, 2010


Queen Esther

The lost identity, struggling to discover who you are.! Traces of who you wanted to be and faded memories of who you were..
Deriving a false sense of defined individuality and to struggle to “be”
Change is the intrinsic characteristic and yet in that transition to sort of classify each temporary shade of you as you.!

Its “me”, I am, I exist, I am of all the many things… I cant be defined! The clashes of each shade does finally merge into something that we call the “pillars” or the essence of that “transitory being”… the existence is complimentary to time and yet inversely proportionate to time!

I heard somewhere “the world desires maximum commotion” hence the only natural state is Disorder.. So we can conclude that our need of order is only anomalous! Existence of any sort (of or in) that chaos is only permitted!