Wednesday, June 13, 2012

if i could i would..

We have been preached through Ramayana that we were meant to operate within the Laxman Rekha that was drawn for us and the repercussions of disobeying such lines would only mean catastrophe. And to further comfort us, we were made to believe that such lines were drawn only for our safety and we were not equipped to fight the powerful demons that waited at the line to devour us!

 Each thought is head start to a limitless journey, course of which is but an experience. The end is where you draw the line and the line is mostly drawn or accepted by us simply because we presume anything beyond is not within our capability or control.

Hence limitation in most cases is nothing but our fear of what lies behind the line. What I am capable of, is a question to which the answer can be revealed only after I cross the boundary. The option or the choice is always with him who decides to comply or defy, either to operate within that framework of understanding or steps out of it to explore and redefine the very concept of his existence.

 The simplest and the most profound thing I heard was “you don’t have to be stuck at one place, you are not a tree” So the dexterous four limbs, those pretty eyes, a full talking mouth, and that powerful brain could not all just be a coincidence!