Thursday, December 11, 2008

we The Indians...

It makes me extremely proud yet it saddens me. I am a kashmiri pundit, a hindu, a Indian. On the pillars of my identity I know Iam a human first! But unfortunately as a secular India i know we have to take a stand. On Indian national tv I see people propogating 'Azadi' of kashmir. Memories of my past wash me over, I remember as a child i saw Benazir bhuto on PTV propagating anti Indiand pro-pakistan emotions, calling Kashmir her own (integral part of Pakistan).  it generated a feeling of extreme anger and helplessness. I know freedom of speech is the asset of my free India.  But where does the anti national elements figure in between the human rights and free speech? As rational and philanthropic as i could be, the anger of my exile, discrimination and something i would want to call patriotism takes over. What are people like Sajjad lone, Gillani, Mehbooba Mufti doing in indian territory? And unfortunately we are giving them a platform and the airtime! Anyone making provocativeThe problem is deeprooted and the solutions have vanished with our lost conscience.! I am not anti religion, and esp if it brings you peace. But religion has killed our individuality. I am hindu and its an essential pillar of my identity. But i cant forget i am a human before being anything else! To die for your religion might be justified as genuine feelings but to kill for it could only be labeled as a crime.!  
Its not just about piece of land anymore. On either sides people are made to belive its about their respective religions their faith their demi gods! 
Presently in jammu almost every hindu is on the street and if he is not his loyalties are questioned! 
As you might have gathered i am not in favor of the agitation in kashmir against the land transfer and the agitation in Jammu for the revocation of transfer of land. What i am finding suprising is that Somehow  the media and government seem to be oblivious to the happenings of Jammu part of the state! Maybe Because we are a secular world we almost scared to be tagged otherwise. Agitation in kashmir was given non stop coverage the central government was made to give answers and the state government fell! In Jammu people ve been on streets for over a month now. Two people have committed suicide to prove their loyalties, the police have done their share of atrocities on the common man but no one even knows.
Polarization is evident, the line has been drawn.. The demarcation is yet again on d fragile threads of religion! The common man is on the streets, agitated and angry! 
When i say i am secular i know the repercussions i know the burden of religion.. But somewhere  as a secular entity we forced to appease the minorities. We forget where to stop! 
Amarnath land row n Kashmiri muslims come to the street i see all the national news channels flashing the news of their anguish! The central goverment shakes the state government falls! Here in Jammu people die on streets a month of common mans agony but no one even comes to know.. I am not taking sides i probably dont even stand for all that the common man in jammu is fighting for (only hopin they themselves aware what they want).. Seeing all these people screaming on the streets, somehow i can see the genuinenes of what they are made to feel. I want to follow, i want to lead, n yet i want to be far away!
speeches against a particctlar religion and our secular nation comes into action  but so many anti national speeches and sentiments are spilled but the nation listens in silence!

The world has created a new breed of evolved “universal soldiers”. The brain washed fighters who have shed their humanity. In the process of sprouting they have lost the essential of the human character “fear of death”. They come from the vulnerable unstable parts of the world and have never experienced the normal secure life. The entire generation of wrongly yet highly motivated individuals who live for killing. Religion and phony gods have guided them to hatred. The end result has been that the rest of us have become used to “death in numbers”.

They kill and we die for our respective god’s (Jesus if u Christian, Ram or whoever if you Hindu and Allah if you Muslim) who watch getting entertained. Are they fighting up there too?? That’s what we have reduced our gods to, bunch of egocentric power crazy beings who want more and more humans to abide to their personal dictate.

We are dying and we are killing and the worst we have become accustomed to both. Conclusion: Has religion actually done us any good?