Thursday, December 11, 2008

The world has created a new breed of evolved “universal soldiers”. The brain washed fighters who have shed their humanity. In the process of sprouting they have lost the essential of the human character “fear of death”. They come from the vulnerable unstable parts of the world and have never experienced the normal secure life. The entire generation of wrongly yet highly motivated individuals who live for killing. Religion and phony gods have guided them to hatred. The end result has been that the rest of us have become used to “death in numbers”.

They kill and we die for our respective god’s (Jesus if u Christian, Ram or whoever if you Hindu and Allah if you Muslim) who watch getting entertained. Are they fighting up there too?? That’s what we have reduced our gods to, bunch of egocentric power crazy beings who want more and more humans to abide to their personal dictate.

We are dying and we are killing and the worst we have become accustomed to both. Conclusion: Has religion actually done us any good?

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