Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Part-2: Note to self

1.Dude is not a word! Neither are anxcie and spendy! “Lol”! Yes the word vocabulary was intentional.

2.The only permitted short form is TMI, only because there is nothing better that may say “Too much information” in those many words!

3. “Overtly sweet” is so 90’s it died when Britney spears committed “the sin”.

4.If you are an adult, you better have an opinion about the vainest things, and because you are an adult human being you better be accepting of the other side of the story!

5. If you are bitchy and straight forward chances are you are my friend, and we will be together telling the world what we think of it!

6.There is a thin line between being straight forward and being mean, and if you are the later well there is this word “reality check”!

7.Being kind is super but sometimes it lacks empathy

 8.You may have all the money in the world, how you spend it is the real differentiator

9.Laziness is wasting yourself and for most obvious reasons worst than wasting water and natural resources

10.Watching TV is refusing reality and interfering with work of possibilities

11.The word possibility is a double edged sword

12.Madness is always permitted, but self inflicted pain is plain foolishness!

13.Love is so simple, that it takes time to accept that something so uncomplicated can still be profound

14.Hate and jealousy are more consuming than love, and yet only love can come to your rescue.

15.Connection to self is the only thing that may join you to what lies outside.

16.If you don’t read, there is a essential part of growth that you are willfully refusing

 17.Music is.. I doubt if there is any adjective that may ever complete that sentence

18.Word “Aukaad” is so multidimensional

19.Red and blue are not just colors!

Complete is the most overated word.