Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spell check

The time to do a spell check!
So all the same old issues still exist, they haven’t been repaired, forgotten or erased from the memory.
Ample suggestions and advice's were given, not necessarily well received but never the less heard and acknowledged. One very prevalent view was that I fight these issues, go face them, and even defeat them but fear has been a constant companion through it all.
opening the closet sometimes means all the mess comes falling down and then there is no escape but to patiently invest time in meticulously folding each piece of clothing, stacking them up and throwing old junk, and crying unstoppably over missing things and worrying over your favorite jeans that refuses to fit.
 How are you going to face the issues fight them defeat them, and that thought gives birth to a set of not so controversial views that I have detailed herein. This is where I rather give a disclaimer, on lines of how all the views expressed by me are just mine, they are not necessarily correct, true or applicable! So the first most popular, well propagated view of fighting the demons is through Mr./ Ms/ Omnipresent God. His PR team seems to be super efficient, he reaches where no one does, offer solutions which noone else does, all pervading all powerful add omnipotent to that. Story goes David fought goliath! Remember how his issues were huge, powerful, equipped with cool fighting gears and David had Jesus in this team fighting for him. Bottom line, pray-thank-kiss ass and eventually god may come to rescue. Lets not go to the controversial, then why do people die, get divorced, are born ugly and have issues on the first place. Then comes the theory of “karma”, which clearly promotes, actions which are good, the overused “you shall reap what you sow”.! Remember How Arjun was so caught up in his confusions and issues and how Krishna explained this theory. So they say humans are bound to do only Karma without the fhal ki icha/Apeksha. Murphy has tried hard to propagate alternate views and they have been rather convincing. Then come soul talkers, psychiatrist alternate therapies like talking to dead people, magical remedies, angel therapy, and a lot of other rather innovative therapies, where sometimes even the healer (more messed up then messed up people) finds enough messed up people who have fall for it and there Mr. Healer finds his solace (oh yes my child we are all messed up). So that what has given rise to “Rashika the healer” with the simple law of we are all messed up and more importantly “I cant really offer any solutions” I can only talk to you. The understanding of your issues and the acceptance of the scars is the only solutions sometimes. As situational as Happiness may seem it is mostly innate. And as distant the faith may look sometimes all it takes is just believing! So vent if you may, I may not repair, neither heal but we may together reach that clarity that you have been striving for! So the only thing we are all looking for is happiness, the places where we find them is where the issues lie..! Love, career, money, clothes, beauty are only deception, the motive is not any of it! Alibi’s may be essential to live through monotony but the issue arises when the Real object is lost in alibi’s! So while we need pretty clothes, successful careers and loving husbands, they are not the center of happiness, they are means but not the happiness! Repairing is not instant, it’s a process, it’s an art you learn neither inherit nor magically imbibe! The process is rather a slow one, its what the essence of life is hence needs patience, hard work, effort, righteousness, faith and lots of other basic tools that we need to live life..! All said and written, there is no rule/ solution that doesn’t have exceptions.. Everything anyone can ever say is subjective and the universal applicability of it highly debatable.