Monday, April 5, 2010


The theme is red… and they say its not love!
Strange how so many of us our convinced that we were made monogamous!
We are committed by love! It not emotional its not physical! Its just about honesty!
Can we afford to be honest in a relationship and honest to ourselves
I always believed that cheating was a character flaw.! You weren’t tuned well!
But world evolved and so has the perception of it
We need constant stimulation! Sometimes the reassurance of all that we are!
And sometimes we need a man/woman to confirm all we think we are.
No matter what we might have, it will not deter us from wanting more- much more!
It’s a fear of knowing that we will have to make do with whatever we have for the rest of our lives even if we admit that what we have is a certain Angelina jolie!
Our eyes are a powerful medium!
Hot men and hot women will never go out of fashion.!
Physical stimulation is far essential than any mental stimulation!
No matter how intellectually advanced we get, jimmy choos and faragamo will never go out of fashion.
We need and the “need” is a powerful catalyst to keep us captivated by life! It’s this need that has gotten us bound..!
It’s a revelation of your human side! We are to be absorbed, slowly it will take over and life shall prevail!
You can take a stand it will do whatever it can to tempt you! A sip of wine never intoxicated anyone. Need persisted and eventually you were smashed!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The little lies that we base on our life on… my father once said…believe the story and all its copyrights had been inherited.
“ its web we weave around ourselves “maya” … entangling in the attachment! Pinnacle of that arrangement is the immense security a child derives from his mothers lap, the world that derives its meaning commencement and end from that “Mother”
Then the partner, the attachment and the desires of carnal gratification “Husband”
and then the life that you give birth to its yours it’s a bi-product of you “child”!
you are bond by such deceptive attachment.! You are caught!