Saturday, April 3, 2010


The little lies that we base on our life on… my father once said…believe the story and all its copyrights had been inherited.
“ its web we weave around ourselves “maya” … entangling in the attachment! Pinnacle of that arrangement is the immense security a child derives from his mothers lap, the world that derives its meaning commencement and end from that “Mother”
Then the partner, the attachment and the desires of carnal gratification “Husband”
and then the life that you give birth to its yours it’s a bi-product of you “child”!
you are bond by such deceptive attachment.! You are caught!

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aditya ajit parwatkar said...

i do not know why would i want to bracket this one too with another verse by kabir but here it goes...

Kabir khadaa baajaar mey, maangey sab ke khair.
Na koi sey dosti, na koi sey bair.
- kabir