Sunday, July 4, 2010


The search of reasons/logic/ideas/ sense…or we supposed to just live life?????
a) How much of sense and order does life have?
b) It can aaaalllll be justified.!
c) “Dispensable” is a word in dictionary/thesaurus both used and applied
d) The only thing that can be predicted is that we do die in the end..!
e) The goodness of all ancillary terms do not guarantee anything!
f) Ohhhh it is al sooo bloody Subjective!
g) God has limitations, Humans are but Humans!
h) All that we could do/not do by the end is just NEVER MIND!

I rest my argument, its all just too ironic!
Lot in control of something I have pretended to be, yet its only permitted to periodically loose that fragile control
Hmmmmmm NVM????
That sums up a lot of what I want to feel and maybe something I am feeling (convinced myself of the "nvm state of mind" I am in after due deliberations!)
NVM no really lets NVM it all….. funny how such profoundness has reinvented itself and spells “NVM”.. For now I refuse to invest my time emotions, love, attention, thoughts to anything that does not SPECIFICALLY convince me of its NON-NVM nature. To the rest I say “NVM” in bolds!
My pond of peace is a “Pond” not the endless sea not the endless ocean not d fertile river its just a small pond! The Pond of peace has peace of Nothingness! Devoid of wants, and not of intellect but of awareness! I am thankfully nothing and nothing is incapable of existence! Nothing in the world could do anything or take anything from something that’s already NOTHING.. so the only concept that could exist in synchrony with that Nothingness is NVM!... NVM shall we?????