Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am speechless with the humbleness of talent..! The talent that’s not of a reflection of its creator but the creator is the reflection of that whats been created!
Someone I know insisted I capture the exact feelings…hmm its difficult to be descriptive here…
Realized how my long sentences have transformed to vague broken scattered words..
Today started earlier than most days…in the city called “mumbai” that has the strongest presence.! Changing altering even the name isn’t constant! The aura of this city is always the third character in your life and moments…whatever we do or do (inaction is never possible here) the city is not just watching its persistently participating.
Took my bus ride (I will describe the irony of bus rides in another Blog) and reached the place I was supposed to meet “Sharmaji”. I called to take exact directions and he offered to walk to where I was to take me along. Have to say at 8 o’clock I was still reluctant to insist on finding my own way like the usual compulsive need to reveal my “independent” side would have!
There came a 80 year old person with the energy of 18 year old… he had walked to help me find my way with a slight limp and a big smile.
I was escorted to this footpath with a white curtain that took me inside a world that had been hidden from the noise chaos and traffic of this city.
Inside the little open space each group of about 5 to 6 students had surrounded their teacher “madam”.
I was greeted with unfamiliar warmth and I knew the curtains were necessary to preserve this little space in this city. I was awkward and unprepared for such uncanny warmth (of all the many things this city offers warmth is definitely not one of it)
The Madams were older than 60 and today we were celebrating the "85th" birthday of one of the teachers. The retain the spirit in that age in this city was a miracle and had to be celebrated! I was included effortlessly and I was a part of the “ASHA” even before I opened the curtain (the same spirit which was a reflection of MUMBAI)

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