Friday, February 19, 2010


Strange how feelings alter…Detaching to realize how it all is so dispensable! Relationships where love is just a character in the play not the play itself!
The two lovers and love.. three separate entities!
The idiosyncrasies of each of them defining the pattern…so deep yet so fragile… love persists while relationships fade away…
How do feelings transform from "acquaintance" to "like" to "familiarity" to "attachment" and then "love" just takes over..!
Something breaks and you know some things are not meant to cant sustain relationships!
I wonder if you hope so much for love then what you get in return is not love it’s just hope! N do we want hope or compassion or anything that’s like love but not LOVE?
is it possible to create love that is devoid of need? perfect love that is free of fear?
we are perfected in love..shedding the self and ego and existing in just pure LOVE!

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bijuneYYan said...

two lovers and love... whoa!.. feels like it's raining!