Wednesday, February 24, 2010


To be able to realize the subtle difference between the world of reality and all that’s not real! The process of looking through life through a frame and knowing the incapacity of life to furnish all answers! We have to realize how much significance to attach with it.. concept of “Maya” illusion! The false connotation that we derive reality from and portray each emotion with perfect authenticity that we start believing the pain, the happiness, loss!
It’s a phase and a temporary one! The transition from one part to another, from loss to attaining, from a child to lover and then a mother, from life to death! We are constantly revolving with the world from a reality that’s subjective to an illusionary mirage!


bijuneYYan said...

Well, This world IS real indeed! Knowing about the existence detaches us from 'this' real existence for a moment and we might get into a transcendental stage (where we might get mistaken that we've almost achieved moksha) but will come back to the very own reality of this world.

Of course, I'm trying to elaborate on this and writing something here which I might finish in a few months. In the mean time, you may please go through some of my 'immature' thoughts about existence. written loooong back.. it's just half way there, and the next half is lying there to infinity.

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Rashika Bakshi said...

hmmm reading the thoughts..
i do believe in the subjective existence!
everything derives its meaning from me..
my perception of it is my reality and in turn everything is dependent on me to exist in my world!