Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hmmm it seems purple when should have been pink…
life is teaching me something which I don’t seem to understand! I travel some distance to discover that I have reached at the same point where I began.
The flimsy little objects keep us distracted and satiated enough to keep us from finding the things we should have been looking for. We have to wrap our heads around mundane irrelevant things or the futility of life will kill us.! Imagine waking up one day and finding that we don’t really need food clothes or love… we have created a perfect alibi to life its called money! We can’t ever have enough! It’s a comforting thought if you try and analyze it..
From clothes to faragamo from eating for survival to eating sushi’s.. we have created needs to keep us entertained.!
But out of all the things we have could do…the most asinine thing we do is LOVE..
Keeping all the logic aside to fall, rebuking the concept of self, and entering the world of emotions. Love can’t ever sustain alone without other feelings! Happiness that you never experienced and such deep pain that only someone in love could describe! And its distracting enough to keep you from ever figuring out life!
Life plays us.. love desires needs keep us from ever knowing what life really was yet they formulate and create the essence of what we call “life”... maybe this is what life is…like the greatest secrets about life….There are NO secrets!

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