Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Fooling ourselves fooling the fool’s world….Holding on to false believes warped concepts distorted reality..!
The impenetrable surface called reality, deeper bottomless layers and layers of false truth each claiming to be the last and ultimate!
The illusions that satisfy your logic for a while, you toy with them and convince yourself and right then a parallel divergent reality emerges!
What is the purpose? What is the reason? What is the pattern? What is the rule??
Attachment is terrifying yet there is nothing more horrifying than detachment.! Hence we the disguised lover mother sister, loving needing hating wanting and keeping our reality closer..! scared to be liberated, scared to break away, skeptical that we will see the last layer!

lets play? you can play the lover and I can betray, I will get hurt and you shed the tears! we will play with honesty, you break the rules, the randomness will apply! you create god and he will justify our sins! I will thrive on my miseries and people will applaud! I will feel like the limelight is on me and I will cry the perfect tears..we will call it reality..

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