Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Nothing seems to make any sense…
A lot like it?

The whole process of connecting to people is a long process. a split a break a rapture and the thread beaks..
“Sinking feeling”
I think I am going down.. lower reducing to exist in a vacuum that’s free of any all stimulation.. I am standing alone.. Strikingly aware of my loneliness…completely conscious of what I have yet absolutely oblivious to belonging..
“A full circle”
Oh reaching back to where I began. Restarting my journey uphill to descend and fall back..! again again and again..
Bizarre how I broke away.. Liberation accompanying a sudden loss.. A loss way too insignificant yet consequential…I could not protest.. I was not allowed to cry..!
It took me by full force… How immaterial it was yet I had gathered my minuscule little passion from it..!

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